Sunday, May 22

War in Ukraine: “The word genocide must be qualified by jurists”, says Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron said on France Bleu on Thursday that “the word genocide has a meaning”, while Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky deplored the French president’s refusal not to use the term to describe the situation in Ukraine.

Emmanuel Macron responded on Thursday on France Bleu concerning the use of the word “genocide” in Ukraine. The Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky had considered the day before the refusal of the French president to denounce a “genocide” in Ukraine by the Russian army “very hurtful”.

Invited by Wendy Bouchard in the programme “Ma France”, and questioned on the subject, Emmanuel Macron believes that “words have a meaning and we must all be very careful”, specifying that his role is to “avoid escalation at all costs and to protect the French people against an extension of the war.”

“The word genocide has a meaning” justifies Emmanuel Macron

Asked about a visit to Ukraine, Emmanuel Macron believes that “the time will come.” “I think the trip should not be just to see things, it’s to act. So I have always said I will do it when it is useful,” Emmanuel Macron assures.

Now, we were all struck by the images of Boutcha last week,” he added. We were all struck by the scenes we saw in Marioupol, which France condemned with great clarity. We have sent magistrates and police officers to help Ukraine document these war crimes and launch trials. That’s how it should be done. The word genocide has a meaning and the word genocide today must be qualified by lawyers, not by politicians. And I draw everyone’s attention to this. If it is genocide, the States that consider it to be genocide must, by international convention, intervene. Is that what people want, to become co-belligerents? I don’t think so.

“Such remarks are very hurtful to us,” said Volodymyr Zelensky.

The French president’s refusal on Wednesday to denounce a “genocide” in Ukraine by the Russian army is “very hurtful”, said Volodymyr Zelensky. “If they are true, such remarks are very hurtful for us,” Volodymyr Zelensky told a press conference on Wednesday. “I will do my best to discuss this issue with Mr Macron today. If not, then tomorrow, when he finds the time,” the Ukrainian president added.

Earlier in the day, Emmanuel Macron had chosen not to use the term “genocide” used by his American counterpart Joe Biden to accuse Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine. “I would say that Russia unilaterally unleashed a brutal war, that it has now been established that war crimes were committed by the Russian army and that those responsible must now be found,” Emmanuel Macron had said at first.

“Yes, I called it genocide”, said Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden accused his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin for the first time of carrying out a “genocide” in Ukraine on Tuesday, the day regional authorities in the country’s southeast put the death toll in Mariupol at at least 20,000 since late February. The word was previously used by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky but never by the US administration: “Yes, I called it genocide,” Joe Biden told reporters during a trip to Iowa, hours after using the term during a speech on fighting inflation.
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