Sunday, May 22

David Beckham’s wedding present to his son and Nicola Peltz is worth a fortune

David Beckham spared no expense when it came to his son Brooklyn and daughter-in-law Nicola Peltz’s wedding present. The two lovebirds were married in Florida on April 9, and while they may have received countless gifts, none of them matched the ex-footballer’s, who didn’t hesitate to spend $500,000 on a car that was exceptional to say the least.

It is a Jaguar XK140 from 1954, entirely restored and transformed into an electric vehicle. This classic car has been brought up to date from the workshops of Lunaz, a company specialising in the restoration of cars in which David Beckham has invested.

For a bright future

The sky-blue car chosen by David Beckham for his son and his wife is packed with a discreet concentration of technology hidden under the classic bodywork.

Speaking to Auto Futures, David Lorenz, founder and chairman of Lunaz, said: “This remarkable car is the perfect gift (from David Beckham) for his son Brooklyn and daughter-in-law Nicola for their wedding. In every way, this extraordinary electric collector car created by Lunaz symbolises a bright and positive future.”

In any case, this incredible car will perfectly match the $10 million villa the couple bought for themselves last summer in Beverly Hills!