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By Lisa Moro

Parkour meets Sonic the Hedgehog and Pulp Fiction, spinning you around till you are dizzy whilst whispering in your ear in this performance by Fuel Theatre called ‘The Roof’, In Bournemouth as part of the Arts by the Sea Festival

We collected our headphones and stood in the footprint of the old Imax building at Bournemouth seafront, with a set designed as roof tops surrounding us completely. The headphones, the sort you wear for silent disco’s started to play sounds, music and voices.2020_large

Quite disorientating as it is difficult to tell if the sounds are coming through the headphones or the people around you – just as I put mine on, a woman said “what if I am hearing something different to everyone else?” or maybe I heard that through the headphones?

A little bit of paranoia…


A platform game ensued, free running characters outwitted free running monsters and surreal villains on the arena style set . Inconceivably this was perfectly choreographed in time to a soundtrack playing the sound of every footstep and action.
All of this interjected with Tarrantino-style dance interludes and all under the watchful eye of a Mia Wallace character complete with record player and PA.2133_large

Characters disappeared as they fell through chutes, and others were savagely beaten but in perfect time with the pre-recorded soundtrack. Well worth seeing.

Performances are

Friday 26 September – 6.30pm and 9pm
Saturday 27 September – 6.30pm and 9pm
Sunday 28 September – 6.30pm

And you can get tickets here:

Part of Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival

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    • Andy Attwood

      One of the most random things I’ve seen! It did at times make me laugh out loud.

      It was well choreographed and they performers were in prefect time. I’m glad I saw it, life is about see something different and this definitely was.

      I would see them again. Bring them back for next year!

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