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LED street lights could save £32 million

streetlightnight (2)The rollout of the new LED lights is nearing completion with more than 13,000 lanterns and 500 illuminated bollards now upgraded with new LED technology.


The anticipated payback time for the complete project  is just over seven years  with a warranty on the equipment of 15 years . The project will have anticipated savings of just over £32 million over a 20 year life and also reduced visits which will also reduce carbon use with reduced vehicle fuel consumption and emissions.

Even after this time new LED units could be installed in the fittings as they are constructed of aluminium and are extremely robust.

The units chosen are upgradeable or repairable in the future with all the component parts including the LED array being on a plug and socket arrangement so that they can be easily changed in the event of failure future developments that would enable further savings to be achieved. The systems we are installing will enable the council to achieve approximately 73% energy saving and a reduction of CO2 emissions of 3700 tonnes per annum.

Chris Hardy, Streetlighting Engineering Manager, said:

“Any work which we undertake is always carried out by appropriate personnel who are trained to a level of competency required for the task. Most of the light fittings installed within Bournemouth were very old and as such were proving difficult to repair or obtain spares such as lantern bowls.

“The units that have been installed were chosen for their efficiency and energy saving,  the ability to provide adequate lighting for the areas in which they have been installed, the weight of the fittings which is important especially on some of the old columns which have swan neck brackets, and the best possible spacings to fit the existing infrastructure.”


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  1. I would be very interested in having a meeting with Chris Hardy, the street light manager of Poole Council
    I know of no manufacture who provides a warenty of 15 years, as always 3-5 years with a projected life of 50,000 hrs.
    I also hope that Chris does no use cool white, but keep to warm lights, as I will press East Dorset council to do, who I am advising on this issue
    I am now arranging to have my LED CORN bulb design installed into traditional fixtures where the old lamp heads can no longer be serviced, in order this excuse to go for a integrated LED street light fixture as Bmth did, is not repeated by other local councils

    • Eric hawkins

      I made a mistake in linking Chris Hardy with Poole Council, when it should have been Bmth Council
      I am now in touch with both parties are Poole council and Dorset council, haveing secured £100 million of funding from two overseas investment groups, who lend money to such projects as well as one UK company who also genarates electricity from renewables
      Since making my statement in this colume on the 13th March, my completed power point presentation is now ready to be sent out to every council across the UK.
      The 3 street light options are now:
      1. Replace the HPS bulb with a high quality LED Corn bulb from £28.00 to replace the 70 watt HPS bulb used in street lights
      2. Where the old lantern is past its sell by date as happened in Bmth, we can supply a brand new complete lantern head, that looks like the ones we are used to from £57.00 that replaces the 70 watt with a 28 watt street lamp
      Both option 1 and 2 allows in the future the bulb to be unscrewed and changed to what ever the bulb technology will be in 12 years time
      What is guranteed, is that the Bmth street lights will be well out of date by 2027.
      3rd option we now offer is a OEM Phillips manufactured all in one SMD LED lamp similer to Bmth ones, which can be partley serviced costing from £78.00 each
      As yet nobody at Bmth or SSE Bmth have replied back to my inquiries
      Anybody who wants a copy of my power point information file, please e-mail me

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