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How many ancestors do I have?

Have you ever wondered….. how many ancestors do I have?

When we talk about our family roots, we often talk about our ancestors providing our roots in a place, a country, a religion or a subject. We might have researched a family tree and found that 200 years ago our family lived in a particular village, then think of our own roots being from that place. We often trace our family through the family name, therefore our father, his father etc. This is the easiest way to trace people as the name is simpler to follow, but we miss a great number of  our ancestors tho way. In fact you may not find it difficult to trace your fathers name back to 1800, however you will be missing 127 other people who are also your ancestors by that stage!

Looking further back in time your ancestors will equal the population of London by 1500, The population of the world by 1000, and going back to 8000 you have more ancestors that the number of people who have ever lived.

How can this be? This blog explains how marrying cousins reduce the number of ancestors you will have had, but even the marrying of cousins does not undo the fact that we are all part of one big family!

How many ancestors do I have?

How many ancestors do I have?

2 Comments for “How many ancestors do I have?”

  1. sally

    when a group of people say ‘ our ancestors always lived here’ they are probably right and so are their opponents because all of our ancestors must have lived everywhere judging by the number of them.

  2. Anne

    This doesn’t add up. I have 30 billion more ancestors than all of the people who have ever lived? I don’t think so. Especially when you consider all of the people who never made it to adulthood to reproduce.

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