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The Surf Reef – Your Questions Answered

Q&As for the Boscombe Spa Village Budget Background to the Boscombe Spa Village Project The Boscombe Spa Village project is going well and is on schedule to deliver all the promised benefits with most elements coming in at or below the original budget projections. This includes the renovation of Boscombe Pier and the Overstrand building, […]

Was the surf reef worth the money? have your say

The question of whether the artificial surf reef at Boscombe in Dorset has generated value for money for the town is set to be examined by researchers at Plymouth University. Have your say here: Academics at the institution will survey local businesses, hoteliers, fishermen and those who depend upon the marine environment for their […]

Surf reef update: Repair works to go ahead this summer

ASR Ltd has confirmed they will return next month (August) to carry out urgent repairs to the surf reef. The reef at Boscombe was closed as a precautionary safety measure at the end of March 2011 following a routine inspection which showed the reef profile had significantly changed. Further detailed dive inspections indicated that the […]

Boat collision possible cause of reef damage

Detailed inspections of Boscombe’s surf reef this week have concluded that a boat has collided with the reef. The reef was closed as a precautionary safety measure on 31st March, and the remains of a damaged bag are being removed from the reef as soon as possible, again as a precautionary safety measure. Tony Williams […]

Boscombe Surf Reef – launching today!

Boscombe’s long-awaited surf reef is now ready for use! Conditions today are perfect for surfing the reef, and the media are invited to join us for interviews and photo/footage opportunities from 11.30am today (2nd November 2009). The RNLI undertook their training at the weekend (Sunday 1st November), and following this, it was just a case […]

Rescheduled surf reef work programme agreed

The base layer of Bournemouth’s innovative artificial surf reef is approximately the size of a football pitch and is now complete. The 37 specially designed geo-textile bags that create the base layer have been anchored to the sea bed and pumped hard with more than 7,000m3 of sand. Further to the confirmation last week that […]

Marine construction starts on Europe’s first artificial surf reef

There were cheers all round today as a landmark event successfully took place; the first section of the first artificial surf reef in the northern hemisphere slowly rolled off a barge and was laid on Boscombe seabed. The first section makes up one sixth of the volume of the reef and is constructed from a […]

10 tonne first reef section is concertinaed


After days of waiting patiently for the high winds to drop, and despite blustery winds and miserable weather, ASR Ltd completed a highly visual part of the land-based reef construction process yesterday (5th August). Huge cranes folded the first section of the reef, measuring approx 50m by 40m, which makes up one fifth of the […]

construction has officially started on the first artificial surf reef in the northern hemisphere

The first process is rolling out the geotextile mat (geo-mat) which is the base layer of reef and prevents the reef from sinking into the seabed and moving around. With a crew the geo-mat, which at 50x70meters is approximately the size of a football pitch, is rolled out onto a field at the secret location […]

Surf Reef -The first Geo-textile bag has been laid out and detached to the 1st reef section

Previously, the geo-textile mat which is the base of the reef has been triple-stitched with the webbing on top of the mat. The webbing base has been attached to the mat with over 1,000 ties. Geo-textile mat What Will Happen Now? Nine other of the main bags will be attached to the reef base. The […]

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