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An art studio with a difference

An art studio with a difference has opened its doors to the people of Boscombe and Southbourne recently.

The ‘Grove Studio’ situated at Seabourne road in Southbourne is run by a four people cooperative of which all are artists themselves.

One of the team, Noel Holmes, said it has: “Something for everybody. Everybody will get something out of it.”

The place consists of a front room gallery featuring local artists work. There is also a range of art books as well as smaller art objects.

Out the back there is a space for workshops which are going to be the outstanding feature of the studio. There is also a cellar that is going to be used as a small theatre. The outside area is also to be utilised and maybe used for market stalls.

It is very much a communal concept and other creative people such as musicians and poets are invited to come along to share their talents.

It is said to be a unique environment combining a shop with a gallery and a space to teach all sorts of crafts. These range from: Beading, sewing, enbroiding, life drawing and textile printing.

Recent successful exhibitions include Canadian artist Rachelle Corswell who works with a variety of materials. Her work is currently on display including some hanging craft work influenced by her native land. There is also photography from local man Simon Jeffry.

The plan is to have something new at least once a month Noel said.

The four involved are: Noel Holmes; Lou Anker; Stephanie Herman; and Janice Herman. All are confident and upbeat about the new venture.

Noel said she was: “Excited and delighted. I’ve got the right people around me. I know we are going to go forward and do some amazing things.”

Lou Anker was equally enthusiastic, she said: “Ifeel very positive. Things are going to happen. We are going to have lots of people making lots of stuff.”

Noel quoted Van Gogh to sum up her hopes, she said: “Great thing are done by a series of small things put together.”

She added that she is totally confident they will go ahead fantastically well.

The team said there is a cultural freeze in the area and the place will give local people a chance to see and make some art.

They are well aware that there are as lot of people on low incomes in the area but said that there are smaller art objects for sale at a reasonable price as well.

As for workshops, the studio is said to be an outlet for local people. Noel said: “Often there are people who have talent but don’t have the opportunity to participate in these activities.”

She went on to say that that Boscombe is a ‘nice area’ but is losing a lot of talent from the arts college.

Hopefully they will now have a reason to stay.

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